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Julie McKenna

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As a criminal defense and family law attorney, I provide aggressive legal representation to clients throughout the Salina, Kansas area, and surrounding communities. I started my career in public defense, striving to help underserved individuals and families. After working in prosecution for 15 years, I decided to start my own practice. In my decades of trial experience, I've given individuals and families a chance to pursue favorable outcomes and regain their peace of mind. Some attorneys are easily intimidated when so much is at stake; I'm not one of those attorneys. If you require a professional to guide you through the complexities of the legal system, fighting for your rights every step of the way, let's get in touch.


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Providing individuals and families with reliable, goal-oriented counsel.

Knowledgeable Counsel

My goal as your attorney is to take the time to really understand your story, drawing on my decades of experience, and using my knowledge to help you get results.

Experienced in Court

My extensive jury trial experience, as a defender and a prosecutor, has led me to embrace the challenge of the courtroom, fighting for the rights of individuals and families in central Kansas.

Clear Communication

The lines of communication are always open. I'm honest and upfront with my clients as we set realistic goals and seek a positive outcome and a satisfactory resolution to your case.

Practice Areas


Fighting for Your Rights, Seeking Positive Solutions

When you are confronted with a difficult legal situation — a criminal accusation, a child custody dispute — it's tempting to try to face it on your own. It seems to be human nature: the emotions of the situation are overwhelming, yet we try to weather the storm alone. Don't make this mistake. Your best option is to put the skills and knowledge of an experienced attorney to work on your case. I focus my practice on helping individuals and families in the Salina, Kansas area navigate complicated legal situations, fighting for favorable outcomes in their cases.

No matter the nature of your criminal charges, you deserve fair and fearless legal defense. At my firm — McKenna Law Office — I am ready to listen to your side of the story and work with you to craft a strategy that gives you the best possible chance to find solutions. If you are a juvenile and have been accused of a crime, or you have received a DUI charge, don't allow these moments in your life to threaten your rights and privileges. Choose a criminal defense attorney to fight aggressively on your behalf to defend you both in and out of court.

Complex family matters, like child custody or divorce, introduce painful uncertainty into our lives. When the time comes for a divorce or other family issue, the last thing anyone wants is added emotional stress. As a dedicated family law attorney serving central Kansas, my decades of experience serving individuals and families during challenging times allow me to fight for your rights with confidence. I'll work with you and your family at every step in the process, working to meet your goals and providing you with honest, actionable feedback at every stage.

As committed and compassionate legal counsel serving Salina and Elsworth, Kansas, I will stand by your side if you are facing a criminal accusation or a painful family matter. Defending yourself against serious criminal charges is important in order to not only avoid the penalties of a conviction but also to protect your future; finding your way forward in a complex family issue is important because family matters. Schedule a consultation today by calling my office or filling out the form below. If you live in Salina or Elsworth, Kansas, let's fight for your rights together.